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Holton is in the Suffolk Coastal constituency and our MP is Therese Coffey (Conservative).


Holton lies in the Blything ward of Waveney District Council. The local councillor is Alison Cackett (Conservative) who lives in Holton.

Tony Goldson (Conservative) is the Suffolk County Councillor who represents the Halesworth Division which includes Holton.


Holton is ideally situated close to Halesworth with its many shops and services and there are good transport links to the town. There is a community transport bus service (No 511) between Holton and Halesworth, co-ordinated by Halesworth Area Community Transport.  These buses run every weekday except Thursdays.

There is also a regular bus service between Southwold and Halesworth which comes through the village and connects with trains to London or Lowestoft at Halesworth railway station. In addition there is an hourly bus service to and from Norwich from Halesworth during the daytime as well as regular buses to Beccles.


Refuse is collected on Wednesdays.  Waveney District Council operates a 3-bin collection system. The black bin for general non-recyclable household waste is collected one week and the blue one, for dry recyclables, plus the green bin for kitchen and garden waste, are collected the next week.


Waveney District Council 01502 562111

Cutlers Hill Doctor's Surgery 01986 874618